Download Options in MPD3

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MPD3 provides 983 Literature references, 5060 phytochemical records, 1339 records with 80 Activity keywords against 270 different targets including bacteria, viruses, fungal strains, etc of 1099 medicinal Plants under 639 different Genra.


MPD3 provides free of cost Ready-to-Dock (MOE) library which could be use in docking softwares such as MOE etc. 3D structures of all phytochemicals stored in MDL MOL format and can be download from download structure option. While, phytochemical name and detail could be extracted from supplymentary file or by using search option of MPD3


If you need any help, download manual and follow steps... downloadable database is easy to use feel free to contact if you have any further queries..

In supplementary material we provide you lists of different keywords to search our MPD3. These keywords will be effective for quick and easy search.