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Activities in MPD3
Medicinal plants are used to find potential activity against different targets mainly fungal, viral, bacterial, cancer, insects, snake bites etc for human safety and drug designing against them. Different specialized medicinal databases were developed for different purposes but the main problem with these databases are that some will provide medicinal plant name with activity possessed by that plant but never tell you about target on which that plant was activie for example they may say thay plant A has antibacterial activity but never tell this antibacterial activity is verified against this X bacterial strain, or some specialized databases does not provide literature references to verify that reported information. MPD3 provides not only the information about medicinal plant name with its activity but also tell you about target name and cross reference with published paper references so that you can verify the information. Below is list of Activities reported in MPD3 sorted alphabetically. You can use this list to query different search options availabale at Search page.